Zopiclone UK Provides Peaceful Sleep

Zopiclone UK Provides Peaceful Sleep - UK Sleeping Pills

A day in the life of a person with insomnia looks a little something like this:


They get into bed, hopeful that tonight may finally be a night of easy sleep. This hope is quickly dashed when, in typical fashion, their thoughts start racing and their brain refuses to shut down in order to sleep. They spend 2 hours trying to sleep, and wake frequently thereafter. Each time they wake, they have to endure more tossing and turning and frustration before they fall asleep again.


They wake up feeling exhausted and fatigued, desperate for more sleep. The rest of their day is carried out in a blur of drowsiness. They experience difficulty concentrating, a decline in sociability, lowness of mood and irritability, feelings of anxiety or sadness, and a general lack of interest in anything that does not involve them getting the sleep the so desperately need. The cycle repeats.

What Is Zopiclone UK?

If any part of the above scenario resonated with you, you are likely in dire need of some zopiclone sleep medication. Zopiclone is known to be a non-benzodiazepine sedative medication and is often used to treat insomnia. It helps to prolong the length of sleep, as well as improve sleep quality. It is also more commonly known by the brand names Imovane, Zimovane, and Dopareel.

There are two primary benefits to using zopiclone UK:
1.) It is highly effective in improving sleep in order to leave you feeling refreshed and well-rested.
2.) It does not cause lingering feelings of drowsiness during the day which may impact daily functioning.

Dosage and Directions for Use

If you choose to buy zopiclone, it is crucial you adhere closely to the following directions for use:

  • A single 7.5mg tablet of zopiclone UK should be taken each night before bed.
  • Elderly people or anyone with a kidney or liver disorder may require a reduced dosage and should consult their doctor before they buy zopiclone.
  • Tablets should be ingested in one go with a full glass of water.
  • Do not use zopiclone for longer than 4 consecutive weeks to avoid tolerance forming towards the medicine.

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From a young age, Grace Hargate expressed an interest in the human body and mind. Finding that she had a natural empathy and affinity for communication, she decided to pursue a career in psychology and soon found herself to be one of the leading authorities in Europe when it came to the human mind. When she herself began to suffer from insomnia, Doctor Hargate found a new passion for the study of sleep and continues to explore the field to this day. Doctor Hargate utilises her position as the Head of Psychological Research at the University of Sussex to further the scientific community’s understanding of sleep and is particularly interested in how it affects all physiological aspects of human beings.