For Severe Pain Relief : Tablets in just Two Clicks!

Pain Relief Tablets

Your average painkiller soothes mild to moderate pain for the majority of people. For an unfortunate minority, the gnawing pains of illness or post-op recovery cannot be quieted easily. Pain relief tablets are just two clicks away.

Pain-Relief at Rock-Bottom Prices

There are sites that sell various pain relief medication, but not all are effective or approved. Popular products include two high-quality pain relief medications:

Codeine Phosphate and Tramadol Hydrochloride.

Swallowed with water, both take one hour to become active, and are in simplest terms, pain-blockers. While bone, muscle and tissue are repairing themselves, you can relax and recuperate.

How Should Pain Relief Medication Be Used?

For Immediate Relief: a Codeine 60mg tablet OR a Tramadol 50mg capsule is adequate for one healthy person.

-You may take pain relief tablets up to 4 times a day

For Long lasting Relief: Tramadol comes in a slow-release formulation; it’s a 100mg dose and works day-and-night.

-You may take it once a day
-Avoid alcohol and recreational drugs
-If you’re taking prescribed medication, speak to one of the 24/7 live chat staff who would be happy to assist you with useful information and online resources to learn more.


On average and/or medically-recommended doses, you should have little to no adverse reactions. However, you may feel slight drowsiness or constipation.

** see our website for a complete list of possible side-effects.

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